The Craft Cannabis Difference

June 29, 2017 by lineageadmin

Traditionally, cannabis cultivation has adopted the philosophy that ‘bigger is better’. The industry is focused on large scale, low-cost production of generic cannabis while ignoring what really drives consumer preferences.

Beer and coffee were some of the first sectors to hone their products to offer consumers better, more unique flavors and varieties and with the ever-changing demands and preferences of today’s consumer, it comes as no surprise that cannabis has now always taken the craft route.

The craft cannabis process

In order to optimize flavors, smell profiles, and potencies to create genetically superior strains, custom, small batch production techniques need to be used. At Lineage Growth, we use precision agriculture to achieve exactly this.

Our 10,000 square foot facility paired with our technology-based deep water culture growing methods has allowed us to exceed customer expectations and change the way that cannabis purveyors approach their growth strategies.

Deep water culture is a hydroponics variation and forms the basis of today’s approach to cultivating craft cannabis. By using technology to carefully monitor and control the water, nutrients and climate of our growing facilities, we are able to develop unique strains that give our customers a high-quality product that’s unlike any other.

Craft cannabis is a term that is being adopted across the world, opening the door to new opportunities for both growers and purveyors.

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